October 16, 2009

October: The Month of Orange

Orange is the color for fall. Though I've never really been fond of it, I seem to be drawn to all things orange this year.

With the exception of the orange wall, all the items in the inspiration board below provide a burst of orange in just the right dose, and they are easy to switch out as the seasons change. Use orange whenever you want to add a little spice to your table, sofas or outfits.


Mary Kathryn said...

well it's about time you had a new post! Love all the orange!

MK <><

Jason said...

How's it going?,

I'm one of the writers over at TheWISDOMWALL.com and I wanted to thank you for creating such a great site. I myself have a site that teaches people around the world. I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange. This would be beneficial for both of us. Let me know.


Minnie said...

Glad you're back! I love orange. It's one of the two main colors in my living room, though I once painted my entry hall in vibrant, construction orange. Yikes! Somehow I saved it from being a disaster and learned my lesson about picking a wall color from a paint chip. But I think it made me love orange even more. Great ideas here for incorporating orange elsewhere.