October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Crafts In Time For Halloween

It all started with the adorable snowflake pumpkins on Mer Mag. As soon as I saw them, I knew I would make them, lots of them.

The first Saturday in October was designated as Halloween Craft Day in my house, attended by me and my sidekick, who also loves these paper pumpkins. (I hear her counting each one and saying, "Pretty eyes, pretty mouth, pretty nose," several times a day.) We also made a wreath, dressed up some candy jars, created bunches of other toddler holiday crafts and baked cookies. It was a fun day, and, hopefully, a tradition that continues.

Here is a glimpse of our day to inspire your own pumpkin craft day. All of them are easy and require materials you probably already have, so it's not too late to decorate for Halloween!

some of our finished projects
  • candy jars (I tied ribbon around one and taped scrapbook embellishments to the front)
  • monogram pumpkin wreath (I wrapped a grapevine wreath with orange crepe paper and stuck in mini pumpkin picks. The "P" is cut from felt and is hanging from fishing line.)
  • paper pumpkins (We made these from scrapbook paper following the instructions from Mer Mag.)
Here are three more easy pumpkin projects I'm saving for next year, although you could easily incorporate them into Thanksgiving celebrations right now.

paper lantern pumpkins from Martha Stewart
pumpkin stitched card from Make and Takes
yo-yo pumpkin from
Crafter Without a Cat


Heather said...

I love the pumpkin lanterns! It looks like you're having fun!

Cookie Cutter said...

Good to see you're back! Hope you had a great halloween :)

paula said...

your little one is such a doll.

garden shed said...

This is great project for halloween. I would try this one in this year's halloween.