March 30, 2009

Foam Crafts And Stickers For Easter

My daughter has recently become obsessed with stickers. I am obsessed with anything involving foam crafts. While browsing through the Easter section of Hobby Lobby, I spied these foam egg shapes and Easter stickers. I just knew it was something both of us would love.

I figured decorating them would be a nice alternative to actually dying Easter eggs, which I'm not sure I'm brave enough to tackle with her yet. Initially, I thought I could make picture frames from them (cutting a hole in the middle and attaching a photograph to the back) to gift to her grandparents. But I decided I'd just let her put the stickers where she wanted without worrying about cutting them out of the middle.

She spent at least 30 minute placing them just so, and we ended up with 12 carefully decorated foam egg shapes. What to do? Grab some ribbon, tape it along the back each egg and string it along the mantle.


Instant Easter garland that we can bring out each year. Want to make your own?

What You Need:
foam egg shapes (or, if you already have craft foam sheets just cut shapes out of it)

Easter themed stickers (we used foam stickers because they were next to the foam shapes in the store, but any stickers should work)


masking tape

To decorate the eggs:
We had five types of stickers: rabbits, chicks, flowers, and some the spelled "happy" and "Easter"

I separated them into small plastic bowls. I didn't want my daughter to use too many of one sticker.

Get sticking. I had to pull the backing off the foam stickers, but my daughter was able to choose the one she wanted. Since they were separated it was easy to ask her to find a blue flower; she looked right to the bowl with all the flowers.

You don't have to use all of the stickers. If your child gets bored, simply save them for another time.

When the eggs are decorated, use masking tape to attach ribbon to the back of each one and hang it somewhere your child can see it.

What easy crafts are you doing for Easter?

March 27, 2009

Friday Favorite: decor8

Today's Friday Favorite was actually intended for last week. However, I was stuck in bed with a stomach bug, so I saved it. Turns out, this worked out great because the blog I chose fits perfectly with this week's spring theme.

Each time I click over to decor8, a three-year-old design blog written by Holly Becker, it feels like a spring day with the bright colors, clean design and always inspiring posts. From round ups to home and store tours to product reviews, decor8 always has something to stir the creative juices.

above: part of a recent wreath roundup on decor8

With so many blogs to read, I often come across the same topics over and over again. I count on decor8 for inspiration on all things design, decorating and crafty. There is always something I've not seen before or a link to a great new find. Even if a post is going around the blogosphere, Holly covers it with new perspective whether it's through the image she shows or the words she writes.

Here's a rundown of some ongoing series regularly posted on decor8:

Etsy Take 5 Tuesday: Check out Holly's favorite Etsy finds for the week. Be prepared to love more than one.

Get Real Thursday
: Holly poses a topic whether it's fun, unusual or insightful, shares her thoughts and then asks for readers opinions.

How much for this room?
: I love getting a glimpse into other people's houses, don't you? This fun series gives you the why, where from and how much.

March 25, 2009

A Room Makeover For Spring

Each new season brings new opportunities for decorating. For spring, this means bright, happy colors. This year, it seems I am hooked on green. (Check out Hooked on Houses to what other people are hooked on this week.) Like the sprigs of grass popping up outside, this fresh and vibrant color is everywhere I turn.

This look is perfect for a family room or bedroom. If you start with a neutral backdrop and furniture, it's easy to add a few decorative touches to make your home feel like spring.
  • Pillows and throws, vases and storage items are inexpensive changes.
  • Switching furniture hardware is like putting on jewelry; its a small touch that makes an impact.
  • Changing lamps and rugs with the season is more costly. If you find one you love, go for it, and work it into the rest of your decor.
  • Hanging wallpaper is a permanent choice. If you don't want to live with spring green in November, simply frame a few pieces (of any decorative paper) to create rotating seasonal art.

Do you like to decorate with each season in mind? What is your favorite color for spring?

March 23, 2009

Put Flowers On The Table

With so many choices in spring tableware, you don't even need an actual bouquet to decorate the table with blooms. But, of course, you'll want one anyway.

Whether brunch, lunch or just desserts, this bit of inspiration has you covered for any spring celebration.

from top left:
Lyda Teapot from Pier 1; Garden Party Damask Table Runner from Target; Hydrangeas and Grape Hyacinths centerpiece from BHG; Flower Plate & Bowl from Pier 1; Floral Mist Cake Stand from fishs eddy; Verdant Acres Mug from Anthropologie; Floral Melamine Appetizer Plate Set from Target

March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Whether you're looking for Irish recipes, crafts for the kiddos or sweet treats to end the day, here are a few ideas to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's not too late!

Menu Ideas: Irish Stew from Martha Stewart; corned beef and cabbage from; Irish soda bread from
Craft Ideas: candy and popcorn centerpiece from JesseKate Designs; St. Pats pins from Family Fun; leprechaun hat vase from BHG
Dessert Ideas: car bomb cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen; shamrock crispy rice treats from No Time for Flashcards; Irish cream chocolate cheesecake from

March 13, 2009

Friday Favorite: m.writes

I have read marta.writes for several months now. I think I found it during a search for mommy blogs and came across a post the author, Marta, wrote shortly after the birth of her son. Having struggled with adapting to life with a newborn, I was blown away by her passionate account of joy and excitement. I’ve been hooked ever since. She writes beautifully; it is sincere, insightful, thoughtful, descriptive and, of course, inspiring. I get caught up in her words.

In addition to chronicling life with baby, other frequent topics on marta.writes include crafts, recipes, writing and list making. She is also a graphic designer with a shop full of customized stationary and handmade goodies.

Lists show up fairly often on marta.writes. In homage to that, here is a list of my favorite things I find on this favorite Friday blog.
  • the little things
“yesterday i bought milk with my due date stamped on it's plastic carton. now if that's not a thrilling moment, i don't know what is.”
I love that Marta noticed the date on the carton was her due date. I so did that.

  • the sweet things

Marta posts about cooking and eating pretty often…and she gives the recipes for yummy baked treats.

  • the polka-dot things

Polka-dots make me happy; they just do. Apparently, Marta loves them just as much as I do.

March 9, 2009

How To File Inspiration

photo by Max_au

Folders, binders, corkboards…oh my! Everywhere you look there is a way to organize inspirational things from fabric swatches to paint samples to magazine pages. It is easy to be consumed by the mass of pretty files, streamlined notebooks and DIY bulletin boards available to buy or make.

Like any system for organization, storing your mounds of inspirational materials needs to be functional. The tricky party of all the great products out there is figuring out which one works for you. Here are two simple questions to help you decide on one or two methods.

  • How accessible do want your files to be?
  • What type of things do you typically file away? (e.g. lightweight items like tear sheets or bulkier pieces such as fabric)

After you’ve answered these questions, use this little guide to narrow down your storage options. It identifies some of the best tools for filing inspiration along with products to get you started. Some are super-organized, others cater to a more creative sensibility, but they all work to contain whatever inspires you.

from top center: 92:bind(empty notebook) by niseag03; refrigerator door by madelinetosh; file: scrapbooking inspiration by Dazed81; inspiration board March by Amy.Ng; inspiration board springtime living room by Maui_Designer; inspiration wire explored by vee*

three-ring binders Best for thinner items such as magazine pages or computer printouts, binders are great if you like maximum organization. Dividers and sheet protectors keep papers neat, while organizing them by project or interest. They work best if you only need to refer to files occasionally.
get it: Signature three-ring binder from Russel+Hazel

accordion files/file folders
Similar to notebooks, accordion files and folders allow you to organize by topics. They can handle thicker items such as ribbons and fabric, but the contents are less structured.get it: Semikolon expanding file from See Jane Work

bulletin boards Mainstays in offices and studios everywhere, bulletin boards allow you tack up just about anything you happen to find inspiring. Usually placed near workstations, they provide constant inspiration anytime you need it.
get it: Madison corkboard from Ballard Designs

refrigerators Think of a refrigerator as the BLANK of bulletin boards. You may not like a messy fridge door, but for some people looking at an inspiring photograph or graphic throughout the day keeps the creative juices flowing. The things you can stick on the fridge depends on the strength of the magnet, but consider enticing food shots or even paint sample for an upcoming home remodel.
get it:
funky flower magnets from What The Scrap

digital collages These are virtual inspiration boards, or mood boards, that let you pull together images from around the web to create possible looks for theme parties, room designs and special outfits. You have an abundance of resources to use as you create boards and all it takes is a few button clicks add or take away items.
get it:

How do you organize the things that inspire you?

March 6, 2009

Introducing Friday Favorites And Snippet & Ink

Like most people, I am addicted to reading blogs. There are so many good ones out there and I am often amazed at the creativity and knowledge the authors share through them. It is hard, impossible really, to choose my favorites, but I am forcing myself to do that.

Starting today and continuing each Friday, I plan to highlight one blog that I click on over and over for inspiration. A few of them I’ve read for a long time, while a couple are brand spanking new on my daily reading list. However, all of them are go-to blogs for everything from writing to meal planning to throwing a party. The blog I'm starting with is total eye-candy.

There is one thing that gets me about the wedding planning blog, Snippet & Ink: the inspiration boards. Although they are intended for weddings (and I’ve been married for six years), these boards translate beautifully into any party. The author, Kathryn, chooses a theme such as Backyard Picnic and labels them by mood and color. So thorough, so unique, so inspirational – I could spend hours browsing. She also posts real-life weddings and other planning related bits that are fun to look at even if you’re not getting married.

A few of my favorite inspiration boards and parties they can inspire...

March 4, 2009

Jumping Into Spring Clothes

Warm weather is coming, and that makes me very excited. However, it is just March and a lot of people are still digging out from snow. I think this outfit - a pretty mix of soft neutrals and florals - perfectly blends some still-chilly temperatures with the promise of spring.

March 2, 2009

A Cocoa And Cupcakes Kind Of Day

photo by striatic

Yesterday was March 1, and it snowed for about six hours at my Alabama home. First, I was obsessed over getting perfect pictures of my adorable little girl making like a snow baby. This did not happen; she was terrified of the snow. My next desire? A hot drink, of course. As I sipped, I thought about how serving simple cups of hot chocolate (or coffee, or tea) is the perfect refreshment for a winter party.

When I started thinking about parties, I started thinking about, what else? Cupcakes. So…I pulled together a mini roundup of cold-weather party inspiration, perfect for a winter birthday, baby shower or an afternoon snowed in with family.

clockwise from top left: mug of hot chocolate from flickr user avlxyz;
chocolate swirl hot chocolate from flickr user macinate;
hot chocolate in snowflake mug from flickr user Egan Snow;
coconut snowball cupcakes from flickr user kristin_a;
snowmen cupcakes from flickr user abakedcreation;
snowflake cupcake from flickr user Cake Girl

How do you spend a snow day?