March 30, 2009

Foam Crafts And Stickers For Easter

My daughter has recently become obsessed with stickers. I am obsessed with anything involving foam crafts. While browsing through the Easter section of Hobby Lobby, I spied these foam egg shapes and Easter stickers. I just knew it was something both of us would love.

I figured decorating them would be a nice alternative to actually dying Easter eggs, which I'm not sure I'm brave enough to tackle with her yet. Initially, I thought I could make picture frames from them (cutting a hole in the middle and attaching a photograph to the back) to gift to her grandparents. But I decided I'd just let her put the stickers where she wanted without worrying about cutting them out of the middle.

She spent at least 30 minute placing them just so, and we ended up with 12 carefully decorated foam egg shapes. What to do? Grab some ribbon, tape it along the back each egg and string it along the mantle.


Instant Easter garland that we can bring out each year. Want to make your own?

What You Need:
foam egg shapes (or, if you already have craft foam sheets just cut shapes out of it)

Easter themed stickers (we used foam stickers because they were next to the foam shapes in the store, but any stickers should work)


masking tape

To decorate the eggs:
We had five types of stickers: rabbits, chicks, flowers, and some the spelled "happy" and "Easter"

I separated them into small plastic bowls. I didn't want my daughter to use too many of one sticker.

Get sticking. I had to pull the backing off the foam stickers, but my daughter was able to choose the one she wanted. Since they were separated it was easy to ask her to find a blue flower; she looked right to the bowl with all the flowers.

You don't have to use all of the stickers. If your child gets bored, simply save them for another time.

When the eggs are decorated, use masking tape to attach ribbon to the back of each one and hang it somewhere your child can see it.

What easy crafts are you doing for Easter?

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