March 13, 2009

Friday Favorite: m.writes

I have read marta.writes for several months now. I think I found it during a search for mommy blogs and came across a post the author, Marta, wrote shortly after the birth of her son. Having struggled with adapting to life with a newborn, I was blown away by her passionate account of joy and excitement. I’ve been hooked ever since. She writes beautifully; it is sincere, insightful, thoughtful, descriptive and, of course, inspiring. I get caught up in her words.

In addition to chronicling life with baby, other frequent topics on marta.writes include crafts, recipes, writing and list making. She is also a graphic designer with a shop full of customized stationary and handmade goodies.

Lists show up fairly often on marta.writes. In homage to that, here is a list of my favorite things I find on this favorite Friday blog.
  • the little things
“yesterday i bought milk with my due date stamped on it's plastic carton. now if that's not a thrilling moment, i don't know what is.”
I love that Marta noticed the date on the carton was her due date. I so did that.

  • the sweet things

Marta posts about cooking and eating pretty often…and she gives the recipes for yummy baked treats.

  • the polka-dot things

Polka-dots make me happy; they just do. Apparently, Marta loves them just as much as I do.

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