March 25, 2009

A Room Makeover For Spring

Each new season brings new opportunities for decorating. For spring, this means bright, happy colors. This year, it seems I am hooked on green. (Check out Hooked on Houses to what other people are hooked on this week.) Like the sprigs of grass popping up outside, this fresh and vibrant color is everywhere I turn.

This look is perfect for a family room or bedroom. If you start with a neutral backdrop and furniture, it's easy to add a few decorative touches to make your home feel like spring.
  • Pillows and throws, vases and storage items are inexpensive changes.
  • Switching furniture hardware is like putting on jewelry; its a small touch that makes an impact.
  • Changing lamps and rugs with the season is more costly. If you find one you love, go for it, and work it into the rest of your decor.
  • Hanging wallpaper is a permanent choice. If you don't want to live with spring green in November, simply frame a few pieces (of any decorative paper) to create rotating seasonal art.

Do you like to decorate with each season in mind? What is your favorite color for spring?


Michelle said...

stop by my blog and look at my page organizing my way thru 2009 you will love my green china cabinet....I loved this post

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I am obsessed with green lately! I can't wait to add more to my new house!

Jess said...

I love that lamp! I'm personally a blue girl... our entire new house is painted blue :)

ImagineCozy said...

I love green almost every room in my house has green! It is so fresh and full of life.

solsticehome said...

love all your choices..esp the throw..i'm a green and white girl