February 6, 2009

Give a Vintage Valentine

Remember how fun it was to exchange Valentine’s when you were younger? For me, I was just as excited to see what the cards looked like as I was to know whom they came from. That is why I love vintage-style Valentine’s. The designs are simple and the verses are silly, but they are just right for saying, “I like you,” whether you are five or 50.

Send them, frame them, recreate them, but just enjoy them. In a stack of cards covered with Hannah Montana and cartoon characters, a Valentine inspired by those from years gone by will be a welcome read.

clockwise from top left:
Vintage Valentine's (Press Out Book) by Golden Books
Valentine's: Vintage Holiday Graphics by Jim Heimann
Custom Message Vintage Valentine from VintageScraps
Sweepingly Cute Valentine from BeMyVintageValentine
Leopard Valentine at 7deadlysinners
Boxer Valentine at 7deadlysinners

Note: While the last two Valentine's are not for sale, you can use them as inspiration for finding (or making) your own vintage-inspired cards. If you want to buy in packs, Plum Party has a set of 10 classic valentine cards.

What is your best Valentine's card memory? Do you still send them out today?

1 comment:

Matt Taylor said...

My Valentines were always filled with Smurfs, Transformers and G.I. Joe characters(weren't the 80's grand). I hope my daughter will pick classy Valentines like these rather than the hit of the day!