February 15, 2009

Top 5 Home Accessories For Your Favorite Reading Corner

Here in Alabama the weather has been refreshingly spring-like lately. However, it will not last, not yet, anyway. The weather forecast predicts blasts of winter in the coming weeks, which I think is great. It means at least one more opportunity to curl up in a comfortable chair, with a hot cup of coffee and a good read.

photo by ceanandjen

Between entertaining a 17-month old, trying to keep a presentable home and writing a few articles, free time does not happen that often. I know you mommies out there can relate. When I do manage a few empty hours in my day and it is cold outside, all I want to do is grab a blanket and read.

Of course, it is not that simple. The perfectionist in me needs the set up to be, well, perfect. Before I can get comfortable, there are a few props I must gather and have at the ready. Finally, I am prepared to snuggle up in my cozy reading spot, just like those seen in the pages of a beloved magazine…oh, how I will miss Cottage Living.

Are you tempted to jump into your favorite chair? Go ahead, but not before you check out my top five must-haves for a truly relaxing read.

Floor Lamp
Cantilever Adjustable Floor Lamp from Target
An adjustable model like this antique-inspired version provides optimal lighting wherever you need it.

Reading Glasses

Burberry Eyeglasses in Cranberry Crystal at DecorMyEyes
If you must have glasses while you read, at least they can look stylish.

Home Tweed Throw from Target
The ideal throw is warm, yet not too bulky so it will tuck around you in all the right places. I actually have this fringe-trimmed blanket, and it is just perfect.

Embroidered Floral Pillow from Pier 1
While a pillow is not essential to a good reading experience, it does help to prop up tired elbows.

Coffee Cup
Polka Dot Handled Cup from Fishs Eddy
I love to have a hot drink while lost in the pages of a favorite book. This playful polka-dot mug makes it easy to take a sip no matter which hand you use.

What do you like to do in your free time? Is there one activity you indulge in before any other?

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