February 9, 2009

Red And White Valentine's Table For Two: Right This Way!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I have mixed feelings about it. It seems every year I am a little less enamored with the idea of buying (and receiving) presents or celebrating with a dinner out all in the name of love.

My husband and I love each other every day, he treats me with little gifts all year long and we go out to dinner more than we probably should. We have promised each other no gifts this year, and we have yet to decide if we will celebrate at all.

As much as I am disheartened by the pressures and commercialization brought on by Cupid’s holiday, I am infatuated with anything red. With red being the color of love and all, there is plenty for me to drool over this time of year. The table settings below had me at first click, and I could not resist pulling together a few things to recreate the looks.

It just might be enough to inspire a romantic dinner at home, which is just our style anyway.

LOVE table setting from delish.com
table setting with paper lanterns from Rebecca Thuss

polka-dot napkins from Paper Source
red ring dinnerware from Target
candy-filled floral arrangement from Martha Stewart
red garden pindot fabric from jcaroline creative
blooming place card from Martha Stewart
party lantern string lights from Luna Bazaar
red enamel letter from Urban Outfitters

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? How are you going to celebrate?

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