April 25, 2009

Friday Favorite: Green Your Decor

While studying for my interior design degree (circa 2000, yikes!) talk of environmentally-friendly design was just heating up and no one had heard of a blog. But, if things had been different, I would have loved a blog like Green Your Décor, which is the favorite blog for this Earth Day-week.

Written by a designer learning and sharing her process to creating greener homes, Green Your Décor shows products, design ideas and decorating advice that fit within the existing style of most homes and that don’t require an out-of-this world budget. The site itself is pretty, easy to navigate and fun to read.

So, what do I like best about Green Your Décor? The way the blog makes finding eco-friendly products a natural and accessible part of decorating. Here are a few ways that happens.
  • Green Room in a Box series If you like inspiration boards, which I do (big surprise!), you have to check out this series. From nurseries to bonus rooms, this is a stylish collection of completely put together rooms covering everything from floor to ceiling.
  • Green Steals of the Week Sometimes going green is more expensive, but these posts directs you to eco-friendly finds at the best price.
  • DIY projects If you like to make things and/or hate to throw away perfectly good stuff, this list provides inspiration five easy-to-do projects.

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