April 27, 2009

An Idea For Celebrating Family Birthdays

I think that birthday parties are a lot of fun. Sometimes, however, these carefully planned celebrations leave parents stressed out and kids overwhelmed. Often, the party takes place on a day that fits into busy schedules -- in the case of my daughter, a day that works around the season opener of SEC football -- instead of the person’s actual birthday.

This is where today’s inspiration board comes in. It’s for a special birthday dinner, which is a tradition I’m itching to start, and it ensures everyone in the family gets to celebrate on his or her birthday. I’m not saying no to big parties; those will definitely still happen. I mean simply celebrating the big day with decorations used only for birthday dinners along with a customized menu of favorite foods.

While I created this board for families with children in mind, you can easily make it work for couples, roommates or groups of friends. Just choose a color scheme that's a bit more sophisticated.

I’ll see about doing this in my family this year. Since my birthday is first up, it might seem suspicious to start the tradition and then immediately pull it all together for myself. What do you think?

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