April 3, 2009

Friday Favorite: No Time for Flashcards

We have been feeling crafty here lately. (Okay, I have. My daughter just goes along with what I do!) Maybe it's the spring weather or the Easter coming up that makes me want to create and have fun. I don't know, but many of our projects have been holiday related. We've decorated foam Easter eggs which turned into garland, made tissue paper flowers and colored countless pictures.

A lot of my inspiration and motivation for getting started on all these projects (including an Easter egg matching game to help learn colors) comes from today's favorite blog: No Time for Flashcards.

I recently came across this blog and have been amazed at all the art, craft and activities that my 19 month old and I can do. The author is a former preschool teacher and she graciously shares all of her wonderful ideas.

For months, I have longed for age-appropriate crafts, etc. I never realized how many there were, probably because I'm not a teacher and my brain just doesn't think that way. It doesn't matter, because now all I have to do is just click over to No Time for Flashcards and I know I'll find something.
Some fun ideas include:
  • letter of the week: Fun art projects to help with letter recognition.
  • beginner activities: These are my favorite right now because they are just right for the age my little girl is.
  • food activities: These are great because they provide entertainment and a snack all at the same time.
In addition to all the activities, the author often provides songs and book lists to go along with them. It's a great way to reinforce the lesson being taught. Must be one of those teacher things I have no clue about.

FYI: We do use flashcards at our house. My daughter usually begs for them, actually. But thanks to No Time for Flashcards, we have so many more ways to spend our time. She has had so much fun with the crafts and activities we've done, and I love watching her learn and get excited. This is one blog I'll continue to visit over and over again.

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tiffany said...

i just clicked over--what a great site! and i love your board for the spring makeover. cute things!