May 22, 2009

Friday Favorite: Oh, Hello Friend

It’s been a few weeks since I featured an individual blog on Friday Favorites, so I’m excited to tell you about today’s choice, Oh, Hello Friend. I remember coming across this blog, long before I started For Your Inspiration. Fortunately, it has recently come back on my radar.

Written by Danni Hong, a graphic designer from California, Oh, Hello Friend has a fresh vintage vibe (check out all the lace accents!). I adore blogs that have a cohesive look. Oh, Hello Friend definitely has a pleasing aesthetic that shines through every post and design element.

Maybe it’s the emphasis on inspiration or the sweet conversational tone or the gorgeous images, but something keeps bringing me back. I love the weekly schedule, so I always know what is going to be new. My favorite day has to be Monday thanks to the Inspire: lovely column. Every week features a captivating collection of images representing design, art, fashion, food, paper and other random snapshots of prettiness. What a great way to start the week!

Along with the Inspire: lovely column, you’ll also find product round-ups, photography features, blog links and posts on Danni’s own crafty projects. Everything is fun to read, and it’s all packaged in a way that fits seamlessly into the overall design of the blog.

I hope you’ll stop by Oh, Hello Friend to see for yourself why I like it so much. Danni also runs a lovely Etsy shop that is just as fun to browse.

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