May 6, 2009

What To Wear For Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ve been thinking what I always think when a special occasion comes up, “What am I going to wear?” Now that I have a little girl, I have to worry about her outfit, too.

I’ve never understood dressing mother and daughter in identical outfits. It looks cute for the catalog pictures, but it’s just not my thing, I guess. However, I see nothing wrong with coordinating mommy and baby outfits. Because you know there are going to be cameras flashing, especially on Mother’s Day.

Here is a little inspiration board of outfits I think my daughter and I could pull off for church and lunch on Sunday. Each one is happy, pink and cute in its own little way.

(Maybe I'll make the hubby put on a pink tie...just for good measure.

Mom's Outfit:

Child's Outfit

If you're a mom, do you coordinate outfits with your kids for the sake of photos?

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Anonymous said...

Hi: I like your blog. I am a grandmother and knitted matching sweaters for my grandchildren. Unfortunately, by the time I just finished them the temperature is in the high 80's! I guess I'll have to be happy with a photo of the two of them in their sweaters. Fortunately, I made the sweaters big enough to fit this fall. So much for returning to being crafty! I look forward to reading more of your blogs.