May 1, 2009

Friday Favorite: Party Perfect

Since this week’s posts were all about birthday parties, I decided to stick with the theme for today’ Friday Favorite. This is perfect, in fact, it’s Party Perfect, a blog I’ve read since it first began.

Written by Sara Hicks Malone, former art director for Martha Stewart Baby and Kids magazines and now designer of Hicks Paper Goods, Party Perfect is a treasure trove of inspiration for big and little celebrations for all occasions. We share a love of garlands (or, in her words “hang-y things"), cupcakes and homemade parties.

You won’t find many Cinderella or Spiderman kids parties, and if you do, you can bet they’re done with style and class. Sara’s modern, yet simple aesthetic shines through in her well-edited posts. Expect to find awesome links to theme parties based on books, colors or animals. She also finds super vintage entertaining books and unique party accessories, as well as shares photos and tips from her own hip soirees.

I have looked through this site many, many times for party themes, decorating tips and gift ideas. If you're looking for a specific party idea, go ahead and skip the search function. Just browse through the archives instead. There is so much good stuff here, you don’t want to miss any of it.

Do you like planning parties? What is your favorite part?


Jacqueline said...

Oh i really like the party perfect blog. Thank you so much for sharing. :) It's my first time visiting and i really like your space. Glad i found you on our blogging course. Hope you had a good weekend!

sara hicks malone of party perfect said...

thanks so much for the shout-out! there actually is a search function in the upper left hand corner. I've tested it out, and it tends to work pretty well!

smileybella said...

I love Sara's site. It's so nice to have a place I can go to for gorgeous ideas EVERY time. I've even been lucky to have my own parties featured - It's a cup-of-tea-cruising-joy of mine, through a sea of gorgeous blogs. Tania McCartney