May 8, 2009

Friday Favorite: Blogging Your Way

Instead of highlighting one blog for today’s Friday Favorite, I want to tell you about a group of them. We were members of a team called the Fearless Scribblers brought together during a four-week blogging e-course taught by the talented Holly Becker of decor8.

For one assignment during this class, we were asked to visit and review the blogs of each group member. The feedback I received was both encouraging (they like this Friday column) and enlightening (who knew seeing a picture of me is so important?). I promise I’m going to put one up! There are many other changes I’m working on and considering thanks to the input of these fabulous women.

Lolalina Laura (our Fearless leader) started this blog during the class. Already it draws you in with a clean, cheery aesthetic and keeps you there with lovely photos and descriptive writing.

Magchunk Maggie writes about it all on her blog – fashion, décor, food and entertaining – and makes it shine with her spunky voice.

Sam’s Notebook Sam has a great eye for gorgeous photos and her style shines through in every post.

Cookie Cutter Sandy’s blog is anything but cookie cutter from the handwriting in the sidebar to her unique slant on all things pretty and artistic.

When I Grow Up Coach Michelle’s blog is unique (at least to me) because she doesn’t write about design, entertaining or food. But, she’s a life coach for the creative people who do, and she writes with such gusto you can’t help but be inspired.

Discover Interior Design With a graceful and professional layout, Kristen’s blog lets you into the world of interior design from jargon and designers to beautiful homes and images.

Frozen Brooklyn If you like ice cream, Raina’s blog, which chronicles her experiences with a new ice cream maker, is sure to turn you on to a new favorite flavor.

Sparkling Ink Tiina shares brilliant finds for home and entertaining but the most appealing part of her blog are the yummy recipes.

Oh, about the class itself. I admit I went in to it thinking Holly would reveal the secret to becoming the next big blogging sensation. I come out of it with much more. And right now, I'm content with what my fledgling blog is – my own little slice of virtual pie where I get to have fun, play around and put my imagination to work creating potential rooms, parties and styles.

If along the way I’m able to inspire one of you to decorate an outdoor room, start a birthday tradition or dress in coordinating outfits, then that’s just the icing (and the best part) on my cupcake. I'm going to let it be.


Cookie Cutter said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for mentioning my little blog. It's been my pleasure getting to know you through the course!

Laura said...

Thanks so much for including Lolalina! I have had such a wonderful experience in the BYW class, and I hope we can stay in touch :)

For Your Inspiration said...

Sandy and Laura,
Thanks for your comments. I'm really glad I found your blogs and will definitely be checking in!